Thursday, December 5, 2013
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Battlestar Galactica Online: Feast of Poseidon

In times past, the colonies the known universe over reveled in the spoils of the harvest before the long night of winter set in. But since the onset of mass attacks on the colonies, resources are much too scant to warrant the frivolities of excess celebration and indulgence. Fasting is no longer an honored tradition, but an unavoidable reality of war. Cylon or human it makes no difference – the tide of war will not tip one way or the other until supply stores are replenished and enemy supply lines are destroyed.
For the four long weeks of the Poseidon Event, you can demonstrate your perseverance, dedication and resourcefulness by completing quests vital to the war effort. From December 5th through the 5th of January you will be given the task each and every week of collecting 50 units of certain, needed supplies - food, water and natural resources.
Earn the stripes and spoils only awarded during the annual Feast of Poseidon Event.

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