Tuesday, June 26, 2012
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Battlestar Galactica Online: Kobol Testing & Dev Play Session

Kobol Testing

Hey everyone,

We’ll be doing some tournament testing on Kobol this weekend to make sure that they’re in good shape before we bring them back. Tuesday and Wednesday this week, we’ll be running multiple tournaments on Kobol and we could use your help. We’ll have stuff available via mail to help returning players and new players alike during this testing phase. Hope to see you there!

Dev Play Session

We’re back with a Dev Play Session! This Dev Play Session is scheduled for Tuesday and will be occurring on Virgon at 13:00 PST/ 22:00CEST. We’ll have a short Q&A session before we let the missile fly! For our US players, we’ll be having sessions on Scorpia (15:00PST/18:00EST) and on Caprica (16:30PST). Be sure to log on and join us for some Q&A and explosions!

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