Thursday, February 2, 2012
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Battlestar Galactica Online: Patch Notes Foster 1.5

Combat, Ships & Systems

New Systems


This tactical computer system buffs the player’s Damage and Avoidance stats:

• ‘Gladiator / Echidna’ Experimental Combat Enhancement Modules (Strike, Escort and Line Versions)


These experimental autocannons provide improved critical hit, cooldown and extended range stats:

• ‘Monsoon / Thrasher’ Experimental Light Autocannon

• ‘Tsunami /Mangler ’ Experimental Medium Cannon Battery

• ‘Tempest /Jugulator’ Experimental Heavy Cannon Battery

These experimental Missile Launchers have improved critical hit, cooldown and extended range stats:

• 'Crossbow / Masher' Experimental Light Missile Launcher

• 'Mangonel /Punisher' Experimental Medium Missile Launcher

• ‘Trebuchet /Eviscerator’ Experimental Heavy Missile Launcher

New Consumables

Experimental High Energy Weapon (HEW) ammo, providing +50% Damage:

• Light/Medium/Large HEW Rounds

Tactical ‘Mini-Nuke’ weapons, smaller in yield yet still quite deadly. 5x Damage:

• B3/ C3 / D3 Nuclear Warheads (Colonial)

• Retribution v3 /Retaliation v3 /Reprisal v3 Nuclear Warheads (Cylon)

User Interface

• Terminology has been improved in the shop UI to prevent users from accidentally selling items.

Bug Fixes

• Tournament Leaderboards are now properly resetting at the start of a new Tournament.

• Purchased Ship Skins now go directly into Locker instead of Hold now.

• Advanced Fenrirs and Advanced Aesirs are now allowed back into space when equipped with eleven abilities.

Gameplay Changes

• Players will no longer be able to stack consumable boosters.

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