Friday, June 1, 2012
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Battlestar Galactica Online: Patchnotes


• Ships that fly very far beyond the bounds of a sector will now be destroyed.

• A number of enemies have received new names in order to make way for future additions. Here is the list of the updated names:

• Colonial Changes:

o Novice – Novice

o Seasoned - Practiced

o Veteran - Learned

o Expert - Competent

o Elite – Talented

• Cylon Changes:

o Basic – Basic

o Updated – Updated

o Intermediate – Improved

o Evolved – Developed

o Advanced – Intermediate

• The following sectors now have more enemies:

o Beta Antini

o Tau Nehmet

o Rayet

o 103 Heleb

o 101 Crucis


• Escorts avoidance will now scale based on throttle position, using the same mechanic as strikes.

Boosters and Consumables

The items below may no longer be found in loot, unidentified objects, or in Triad/Prophecy prizes. They will still be available for purchase for a limited time.

• All HESC Rounds

• All HEIAP Rounds

New types of ammunition have been put in to the game. They will currently be available through loot, unidentified objects, or in Triad/Prophecy prizes but are not currently available for purchase. The new ammunition types (all sizes) are:

• HERT-B Rounds – 15% increase to accuracy

• HERT-C Rounds – 20% increase to accuracy

• HESC-B Rounds – 25% increase to low end damage

• HESC-C Rounds – 40% increase to low end damage

Bug Fixes

• Fixed text errors with mini nukes for strike and escort class ships.

• Fixed the incorrect tooltip icon for the Tier 1 friend invite reward.

• Updated the text in the Tier 1 friend invite tooltip.

• Friend Invite rewards tooltips corrected

• 3d model for drones will now display properly

• Fixed a bug where the Carrier could purchase incorrect (but still functional) ammo

• “Torque” tooltip now explains the stat

In Development

• Tournaments being re-engineered

• Wings being re-engineered

• Texture system with updated textures (improve game performance, allow for more skins)

• New flight control mode

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