Thursday, March 19, 2015
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Drakensang Online: Curse of the Black Knights – Dragan's Wrath

In Duria, the rich and poor, young and old alike are up in arms – the Spring Festival eggs have been stolen! Only in the city of Kingshill have the thieves not been able to strike. A suspect has already been identified: Gnob, the notorious egg-thieving merchant! Yet Gnob claims innocence and needs somebody who can explain these mysterious events – you!

In Castle Ravencaw, it's clear to see that Dragan of the Damned is somehow involved. He's commanded his minions to transport eggs through the Shadow Portals. In the underground sites, he's using them to breed monsters with which to terrorize all of Duria. His plans certainly mean trouble for the lands of Dracania!

Go to Kingshill from April 7-26, 2015 and visit the merchant Gnob. Clear his name and stop chaos and destruction from ensuing during the Spring Festival. The citizens of Duria shall be very grateful!

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