Wednesday, March 21, 2012
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Drakensang Online: Release 046

Heroes of Duria!

The Skills Renaissance is still going strong! There are now two brand new skills available for each archetype. Furthermore, there is a brand new quest in the Norselands and whenever you leave a guild there is now a confirmation prompt.


● Each character class can now unlock two brand new skills by reaching certain levels.

○ The Dragonknight receives ‘rage jump’ in level 22 and ‘smash’ in level 26.

○ The Spellweaver receives ‘singularity’ in level 22 and ‘watchman’ in level 35.

○ The Ranger receives ‘scatter shot’ in level 22 and ‘wolf pack’ in level 35.

● There are two new quests in Hognis Mine for level 27 heroes and above. See Eida for the quest ‘lights that no longer shine.’ But beware! These quests are not for the weak willed!

● In addition, there is a confirmation prompt before you leave a guild.


You may have been wondering what the special items from the Daily Login Bonus are good for. After you have collected the flawless diamond, pollen from everlasting fairy lilies, the gnarled branch from ancient oaks and the ordinary lock of hair from a fair maiden, you can create a fairy in the workbench, who will accompany you on your quests.


● The fireball now works properly and inflicts maximum damage on all enemies

● The minimum damage inflicted by the lightning strike has been increased and the damage distribution in its radius has been revamped.

● The marking buff for Ranger skills now reappears correctly when an enemy is retargeted.

Selected Bug Fixes:

● Sibyl in the pilgrim’s path now has the question mark icon again indicating her role as quest holder

● The ‘frost wind’ spell now has the correct tool tip

● Several shadow bugs in Hognis Mine have been fixed

● An issue with line breaks in the tooltips has been fixed

● A text error in the Daily Login Bonus has been corrected

● Line break errors after changing window modes in the matchmaking window have been corrected


● There will be more than four new skills for each archetype. By early April, the number of new skills for each archetype will reach 12. And by the end of April, we will be expanding the skill system to include a talent tree. There is a lot going on in the next few weeks, so be sure to get in, discover and check out all the changes. Furthermore, summer is right around the corner and then you can expect a massive land update and a forth archetype.

May you have many a successful quest in Duria,

Your Drakensang Online Team

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