Thursday, March 29, 2012
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Drakensang Online: Release 047

Spring has sprung in Duria!

Release 047 is a small update with a few improvements and bug fixes. We have been focusing a lot of time and attention on the chat system over the past few weeks and we are happy to announce that these new improvements are now at your disposal.

All of the urban areas in Duria will be festively bedecked with pastels and spring flair. Don’t be surprised, though, when Phestos the Ambassador of festivities and his enchanting companion Florrie keep you waiting.


● Many issues with the chat system were revised or fixed.

● The tool tips were graphically re-designed.

● A new icon was created for the Ranger skills.

● In order to level the playing field in the arena competitions, the Frostnova’s stun duration in PvP mode has been reduced from 2 to 1.25 seconds.

Selected bug fixes:

● A problem was fixed, that was causing players to not be able move or use skills after a respawn.

● The faulty critical damage displayed when casting a spell on an object was corrected.

● When attempting to dye a belt, players will now see a notification stating that this is not possible.

● Die quickslot bar will now be accurately refreshed.

● Multiple problems with collisions on the Swerdfield Pastures were repaired.

● The bug in Troll Canyon that allowed players to hide behind a table has been removed.

● Companions once again properly follow heroes.

● A problem was resolved that was causing buttons to be stacked on top of each other in the full screen mode of the game.

● An error that was causing player names to be incorrectly displayed has been corrected.

● The interface problem that was leading to different values not appearing in the shop has been resolved.

● When changing areas, the loading screen no longer flickers.


● By the beginning of April, we will have increased the number of skills per archetype to 12. Also, we will have expanded the skill system to a talent tree by the end of April. Summer is also just around the bend, when you can expect a huge country update, as well as a fourth archetype not long thereafter.

● Friday marks the beginning of our big Spring Festival, so get ready!

May the gods be with you on your journey,

Your Drakensang Online Team

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