Friday, April 19, 2013
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Rising Cities: Mystery Building event

Would you like to add an artistic surprise to your city? Then be sure to take part in the Mystery Building event in Rising Cities! From April 19th through the 22nd, you’ll be able to purchase a permit for a secret art-themed building! Reveal the secret to unveil some flare in your city!

The Mystery Building event is back to add some art and culture to your city! From April 19th to the 22nd you will be able to show your residents that you are a mayor of culture and a lover of the arts by purchasing special building permits to acquire the rights to a 3x3 plot of land. Then begin the construction process and some 8 hours later you’ll be in store for a surprise!

What will it be? An inspirational house for your city’s artists to produce works of artistic greatness? Perhaps. Maybe a gallery where you can sell some of the finer works to distinguished personages of refined taste and distinction? Could be. Or maybe you’ll be fortunate enough to decorate your city with a grand monument to inspire awe and reverence. No matter what, you’ll be able to reveal a fantastic surprise to all of your citizens!

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