Thursday, June 7, 2012
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Seafight: Euros Event

Ahoy Pirates,


Not only soccer fans are excited about the best teams in all of Europe duking it out to be champion of the Euros … imposing buccaneers are getting in on the action, too! From June 8th until July 1st, the Seafight seas will be swelling with the excitement of the big Euros event. There are 16 country designs for you to get a hold of, a Champion Ship to sink with soccer ammo and a highly-sought-after Lusitarius pet.

This Seafight Euros Event is something really special for just about anyone who likes to collect things. Each time participating in the Euros has its very own ship design – which means that you can proudly represent your favorite team, decked out in their honorable colors.

The country designs don't just look amazing, they also come with an ELP bonus, specifically a 2.5% bonus for each one. The coolest part is, the more designs you collect, the great the reward: if you collect two of the designs, you'll receive a 5% bonus in total; if you collect three ships, you'll have a bonus of 7.5%, etc. You assured these bonuses for the entire duration of the Euros event.

Bonus ELP for each ship design just not enough for you? We thought the same thing, which is why we are throwing in another 2.5% ELP bonus if you've collected all the designs for group phase teams. That's a total ELP bonus of 12.5%! If you have collected all 16 ships during the group phase of the Euros, you'll sail away with an unbelievable 50% ELP bonus.

It's important to note that you'll receive the group bonus for the group phase, when you’ve collected all the ships during the actual group phase of the Euros. Additionally, team designs are only available on the day that they are playing. When their match is over, you'll have to wait until the next game day. If a team is eliminated, so is their design from Seafight. Small tip: designs are always cheaper before the final whistle, so acting fast pays off.

When the Seafight Euros event has come to a close, the ELP bonus you've collected for your country designs will fall to the wayside, only to make room for the golden Champion Ship Design.

Starting July 2nd, you can get your hands on the Champion Ship design and receive the biggest advantage in all of Seafight. The higher your elite level, the greater the damage you will inflict. If that weren't enough, you'll also have more hit points aboard! For instance, at elite level 22, you'll inflict 11% more damage and you'll have 60,000 hit points on your ship. The bonuses are capped at 14% more damage and 78,000 more hit points. If you collect all 16 country designs, you'll receive the Champion Ship absolutely for free.

The Champion Ship will be sailing the Seafight seas for the entire duration of the Euros event. Use the special soccer ammo to shoot it down and, if you're lucky, it will leave behind one of the 16 country designs.

The most amazing part of this offer? You can use the powerful advantages of the Champion Ship on all of your country ship designs! You want to show your pride in battle representing Germany, Poland or France? The Champion Ship will make that dream a reality.

What would a legendary Seafight event be without a pet? Again, we felt the same way, which is why we will be offering the Lusitarius pet, the very special soccer blowfish. But you'll need to access your soccer knowledge to become a new pet owner: which team will walk away as the champion of the Euros? Only the players who own the winning team's ship design for the Final, will get a unique Lusitarius pet to call their own. The more country designs you own, the better your chances of winning … what? You already have all of them? Then allow us to congratulate you on your new addition: the Lusitarius!

This event also wouldn't be complete without special, exclusive soccer ammo! Fill up your batteries while you can, so you can fire with reckless abandon at your opposition. Remember, the Champion Ships are aggressive and they can only be stopped with the event's special soccer ammo.

Hold on to your peg-legs, pirates! The waves created by the Seafight Euros Event are sure to make this a bumpy ride.

Your Seafight Team

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