Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Seafight Seafight

Seafight: From Midgard to Valhalla

The stage is set for another frosty showdown this December! Get hold of all four pieces of the puzzle in order to be rewarded with the brand new Heimdall ship design. But don’t be fooled into thinking this will be an easy task - your mettle will be tested to its limits throughout the whole month!

To get your hands on two of those precious puzzle pieces you will have to open enough calendar doors and search through Event Chests to find them. Another piece can be won by finishing near the top of the Yuletide ranking by carrying a gift for as long as possible. There will also be a special map where you can team up with your fellow pirates to fight against the mighty Hildisvini and try to gain another piece of the puzzle!

Of course, the Winter Event would not be complete without Ice Floes that can be shot with harpoons and Event Chests simply waiting to be opened by special Event Keys.

Visit the Black Market and exchange your collected Gingerbread Men for two new pets as well as some classic ship designs from the past! Here you’ll also find a selection of Seafight’s finest buff items and, last but not least, some old favorites; Snowmen, Winter Lights and Candles.

And if all that doesn’t sound like enough to keep you warm this December, a brand new gem level and exclusive Firestorm Cannons await you if you manage to climb their way to the top of the Event Ranking.

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