Tuesday, March 3, 2015
Seafight Seafight

Seafight: Seafight’s 9th Birthday

Gather your allies, cutthroats! Typhon, one of the lightning-breathed Thyella Eels, is on the loose once again! Pirates everywhere are trembling with both fear and greed: this gigantic eel only shows its scaly face for a couple of short weeks so start loading your ships with Confetti Ammunition in preparation!

From 18th until 31st March compete against other ruthless monster-hunters and exotic creature-smugglers, as you take part in an exciting series of quests and form a pack to hunt this rare and valuable beast.

Emily Davis, the red-headed Quest Giver, will guide you through the daily quests throughout the 9th Birthday event. Return to her each day to complete profitable quests and earn useful items to aid you throughout the two weeks.

Gain enough Ancient Emblems to allow you access to the Boss Map where you can test your mettle and tactical skills against a mighty fiend! It is up to you how you take on this foe, will you be able to achieve a perfect score and get your hands on the exclusive ship design, Caspio?

But that’s not all – it is a Birthday event after all! So make sure to log in on 18th March and you will receive a brand new Emerald Dragon as well as some other treats to turn this into an event to remember!

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