Thursday, August 28, 2014
Seafight Seafight

Seafight: The Most Wanted Event

The pirates known as Blackheart, Redtooth, and Silverblade, once of the good ship Prism, are back! These fearsome pirates are Seafight's Most Wanted for their horrific crimes against our Pirate Code.

You have 13 days to hunt down these scurvy dogs and burn them into obscurity with Shell Shock Ammo! Any ship designs in their possession will be your rightful plunder along with precious Pearls and more than enough experience points to take with you on your future travels.

However, it will not be easy! You will need to lay down traps and boosters to help you overpower these Most Wanted villians. Will you be brave enough? Do you have what it takes to hunt down the Most Wanted and become a Seafight hero? Find out from 16th to 28th September!

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