Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Seafight Seafight

Seafight: The new Voodoo Shield System

Ahoy Pirates!

The Seafight seas are a hard, rough and dangerous place. But aye, they should at the very least be fair. You have surely crossed oars with certain players that have used beams to exponentially increase their HP. To ensure that this will no longer take place in the future, we have completely revamped the HP system. There is now an HP cap, which puts a limit on possible HP.

Feast your eyes on the Voodoo Shield! All ships will now be equipped with a shield containing voodoo points that attackers must first penetrate. All damage sustained will be deducted from these shields. Only after your shield points are at 0, will the damage go to your HP. But be aware! The voodoo shield can’t just be repaired using common tools. No, this requires something dark, something magical… It requires amulets! To be more specific, 3 amulets – the Ogoun, Agwe and Legba. The Ogoun and Agwe can be acquired with pearls. But have no fear brave warriors of the sea. Every pirate will get on free shield, completely loaded and ready to go.

Of course, you will be able to increase your HP, but the new system has a limit on the max amount of HP. The new beams will also play a part in making the game fairer. The new carpenter will now have more abilities and be entrusted with more tasks. For example, all beams in the future must first be installed by the carpenter. This will help keep HP amounts under control.

Good luck in a fury of fair fights with the brand new system!

Your Seafight-Team

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