Friday, September 20, 2013
Skyrama Skyrama

Skyrama: Fall in love at 35,000 feet

The ground crew can hardly wait. Kurt the mechanic is preparing to tie the knot with the lovely air-traffic controller Fiona - and you’re invited to the party! Take in all the pomp and circumstance and celebrate true love with fun quests. To commemorate this extra special occasion, we have an exclusive gift for you. Just touch down on the tarmac and use the following bonus code to have one on matrimonial bliss!

Let your inner airport-romantic take off
No matter if you’re the type of pilot who loves to see two souls joined in marital union, or prefer flying solo, Skyrama has a slew of new quests that will get your afterburners blazing. Get to know your crew better, hook up other airports with the goods they need to stay up and running, and win slick new buildings and shiny new planes to further build your aero-empire!
Board the love plane today!

Say I Do!

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